Paper Hen and Chick Craft

Paper Hen and Chick Craft

Children’s Easter crafts should be easy and interesting. A paper hen and chick and a ready-made template fully meet these requirements.

You will need the following materials:

  • Double-sided colored cardboard: yellow, red, green;
  • Colored paper if desired, for additional decoration — bows, flowers;
  • Scissors, a simple pencil, a marker, a glue stick.

Paper Hen and Chick Craft Step by Step

Paper Chickens

Use the template and use it to recreate the chickens using yellow cardstock.

Also cut out diamond beaks from red paper, and bows from paper of other colors.

Glue the chickens’ beaks, bows and draw eyes with a marker.

Paper Hen and Chick

Paper Chicken Template

Using the template, cut out the outline of the chicken whole or in two parts. When using two parts, the craft looks more interesting; the chicken parts stand out separately. The template also includes a comb and earrings in one piece. Cut them out of red cardstock or paper. From yellow cardboard, cut a piece in the shape of an uneven diamond, which will be the beak.

Glue all the components together and draw the eyes.

Paper Hen and Chick

The chicken and chicks are ready.

Paper Grass

Now for the birds you will need stands in the form of grass. Thanks to them, children’s Easter crafts will look brighter and take on a stable vertical position.

Cut 3 strips from green cardboard. Let them be longer; later it is not difficult to adjust the required dimensions. Make teeth on one side of all strips. It is not necessary to adhere to symmetry; the grass is also not uniform. If desired, cut out any flower from colored paper.

Roll the strips into rings, but before gluing them, place the birds in them to get the right size. Chicks and hen should fit into the ring, but also not fall into it. Having chosen the desired option, glue the narrow edges of the strips. Decorate with flowers.

Place the chicks and chicken in the middle of the green grass, and you will get these cute, and most importantly, easy paper hen and chick.

Paper Hen and Chick

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