Paper Plate Garden Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Garden

An original autumn-themed craft — a paper plate garden, as well as cardboard carrots. With such a garden, the child will be able to play, harvesting vegetables.

To make such a garden, we will prepare:

  • paper plate;
  • gouache brown and light blue with a brush;
  • white glue with scissors;
  • hole puncher;
  • cardboard orange, green;
  • brown threads.

Paper Plate Garden Craft Step by Steb

First, prepare the background for future crafts. To do this, we need gouache of two colors. We paint most of the paper plate brown, and make the top part light blue.

We will wait for the base to dry completely, after which we will use a hole punch. With it, we make holes along the edge of the brown part of the workpiece.

Paper Plate Garden

In the next step, we will work with brown threads. For such crafts, knitting yarn is better suited. We cut off about 3 meters from the skein and fold the thread in half. We pass a brown thread in the folded form, while fixing the tip on the back of the plate. This can be done with both adhesive tape and white glue.

Paper Plate Garden

Then we thread the tip of the thread into the next hole and lead to the right side.

Paper Plate Garden

So gradually you need to lace up the entire lower part of our craft, which will imitate the earth. We also fasten the other end of the brown thread on the reverse side.

Paper Plate Garden

Now let’s make the vegetables. Carrots will grow in our garden. Therefore, we will use orange cardboard and cut out a blank of the desired shape from it.

Add a green tail to this vegetable. Let’s make another carrot a little smaller.

It remains to place them on our homemade garden. Everything, a paper plates garden is ready.

Paper Plate Garden

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