Simple Paper Rat for Kids

paper rat

A very simple paper rat for kids’ crafts. This craft can be made by children of preschool age and older.
There are lots of various rodents on the site, but these are typically mice made in different techniques. However, there are no rats; so, it’s time to remedy the situation, especially taking into consideration that the symbol of the coming year 2020 is Metal Rat.

For the craft, you will need:

  • Cardboard of any color you like to make the main part of the rat;
  • Contrasting cardboard, pink, for example, to make small parts;
  • Paper or adhesive eyes;
  • A ruler, a writing pencil, scissors, a glue stick, a black felt pen.

Paper Rat Step by Step

Prepare a triangular piece of cardboard. Try to make it as peaked as possible; in other words, the upper corner should be long so that you can make the rat’s head.

paper rat
Fold the upper corner down; it should almost reach the middle of the triangle – it will make up a head. Fold the side corners of the triangle inside, completing the rat’s body and making the craft stable.

paper rat

Prepare small details:

  1. 2 round ears and 2 contrasting middle parts of the ears;
  2. 2 eyes; cut them out of white paper and use a felt pen to draw pupils or use adhesive ready-made eyes;
  3. Cut out a small circle that will make up a nose;
  4. Cut 3 short thin cardboard strips for whiskers;
  5. You will also need a long thin strip for a tail.

paper rat
Attach the insets to the ears and stick the ears atop the rat’s head. Add the eyes and the nose. Glue three small strips together so that they intersect and then, stick the finished whiskers below the round nose.

rat craft
Slightly curl a long strip on a pencil and stick it to the back part to make up a tail. Paper rat is complete. It is simple, fast, and entertaining.

Also, you can make lots of various paper mice with your children.

rat paper

Many other ideas in the collection of Paper Animals Craft.

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