Paper Rocket Craft for Kids

Paper Rocket Craft

Bright voluminous paper rocket craft for kids art. A simple space-themed craft.

What will be needed from the materials?

  • Colored paper (blue, green, yellow, orange); Purple cardboard;
  • Figured hole punch for stars;
  • Compass;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue.

Paper Rocket Craft for Kids Step by Step

Use a compass to draw a large circle on the purple cardboard and cut it out. It will be the background of our craft.

Draw and cut out the rocket body from blue paper – 3 long semi-ovals.

Also prepare additional small parts of the future rocket:

  1. Yellow circle for the porthole;
  2. Two green wings;
  3. Gray semi-oval – engine;
  4. The fire is from the red part and is exactly the same in shape, but slightly smaller in size than the yellow one.

Glue a gray engine and a light at the bottom of the blue semi-oval.

Add wings to the sides.

Paper Rocket Craft

At this point, the rocket can be glued onto the purple round base, slightly to one side.

Paper Rocket Craft

Now we will make the rocket itself three-dimensional. To do this, bend the remaining blue semi-ovals in half, after gluing a yellow circle to one of them.

After that, apply glue only in the middle, on the fold area of ​​the blue semi-ovals and glue them to the rocket.

Raise the sides to create volume.

Paper Rocket Craft

Use a hole puncher to make yellow stars and glue them to the round purple base.

Paper Rocket Craft

Paper rocket craft is ready. A simple idea on the theme of space.

Also, kids can make an origami rocket, presented in two different versions.

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