Paper Strips Bat Craft

Paper Strips Bat

This paper strip bat is a fun craft for school-age kids to make around Halloween. Work requires attention, perseverance, accuracy.

Materials used:

  • Double-sided black paper and cardboard;
  • White paper;
  • Adhesive eyes or any homemade;
  • Scissors, a simple pencil, glue, felt-tip pens.

Paper Strips Bat Craft step by Step

At the heart of the craft is a ball of thin paper strips. The length and width may vary, the main thing is to take into account the age of the child. The younger the children, the more difficult it will be for them to work with a large number of stripes and their small size. In this craft, there are 8 strips, 1 cm wide, and 21 cm long. But 4 will be enough.

We Make a Paper Ball

Cut off the strips.

For convenience, determine their middle. To do this, the strips can be folded in half to form a guide fold in the center.

Now you need to glue all the strips so that their intersection point is in the middle. Glue in order.

First two.

Then add two more on the sides.

Then glue everything else. You get such a fluffy snowflake, only a gloomy color.

Paper Strips Spider

Make a ball out of it. To do this, all the tips of the snowflake need to be glued together. The order is also important here. Glue the ends of two opposite strips. And then two more.

Paper Strips Spider

Glue all the rest, trying to adjust the length so that some strips are not too hanging or tight, which will very clearly deform the paper ball. If it is quite a bit crooked — it’s okay, it is difficult to achieve the ideal, and it is not necessary.

Paper Strips Spider

Finishing the Paper Strips Bat

An important part of the craft is ready. The body of the mouse is already there. Now you need to cut out the head and characteristic wings. You can draw them yourself or print them from the Internet.

Glue eyes, teeth on the head, draw or glue a smile.

Paper Strips Bat

Next, glue the wings on the back of the body ball. And the head is in front. That’s it, a funny character – the Halloween craft is ready.

Paper Strips Bat

An interesting option is a bat from a roll.

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