Paper Strips Bunny Craft

Paper Strip Bunny

A paper strips bunny is an interesting and easy craft. It can be timed to coincide with the Easter theme, as pastel bunnies are one of the symbols of Easter.

Such a bunny is a wonderful craft, an interesting creative activity, useful for the development of fine motor skills of children.

What do you need to make a bunny?

  • Blue and pink pastel colored cardboard;
  • White cardboard for teeth;
  • Moving eyes or just a little white and black paper for the eyes;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick, black felt-tip pen.

If you use paper in your work, the bunny will turn out to be unstable, but you can hang it on a ribbon, make a garland. If you need the hare to be durable, to decorate the table and other surfaces in an upright state, you should work with cardboard, but not very hard.

Paper Strips Bunny: Stages of Creation

Cut 8 strips of paper 1 cm wide. 4 long and 4 slightly shorter so that the head is smaller than the body. This is done at your discretion, depending on how high the bunny is needed.

The strips will stick together exactly in the center, so determine the middle in advance by simply bending the strip in half.

A fold is formed, here in this place and glue the strips on top of each other.

First, create a kind of snowflake from long stripes, gluing the middle.

Then begin to connect the opposite tips, fastening them with glue in the same place, until you get a ball.

Try to make the same sides without tightening the stripes, otherwise the hare will turn out to be crooked.

Paper Strip Bunny Craft

Paper Strip Bunny Craft

Repeat the whole process with short stripes and make the ball smaller.

Paper Strip Bunny Craft

Glue them together.

Paper Strip Bunny Craft

Cut out ears from blue and pink paper. As well as the nose, teeth, if there are no ready-made moving eyes, then make them out of paper.

Glue to the head of the hare. To glue the ears, slightly bend their tips.

Paper Strip Bunny

The work is completed, this is how a cute bunny made of strips of paper turned out.

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