Paper Swan (with template)

Paper Swan

The simplest paper swan, a minimum of effort, materials, plus a template to help. Despite the simplicity of the birds, they look majestic and beautiful.

You can make an interesting composition with a paper pond, lotus and graceful paper swans.

The following materials were used in the work:

  • White paper;
  • Sample;
  • Scissors, markers.

How to Make a Paper Swan

Print or redraw the swan template.

Cut out a piece of white paper.

On the template, dotted lines indicate folds. Bend up the wings, slightly raise the tail. The neck also needs to be lifted in the area of ​​the fold, and then using a pencil or felt-tip pen, make an arc out of it. Wrap the tip on the felt-tip pen, and then draw along the entire neck, directing the movement slightly downward. Get a graceful smooth bend.

Paper Swan
If the template was to be redrawn, draw the necessary strokes with a felt-tip pen. Color the beak red, draw in the eyes, nostrils and other desired details.
Everything, the paper swan is ready, the craft can be done quickly, which is convenient for classes with children, especially in large groups. Create your own swans.

Paper Swan

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