Paper Tulips Bouquet Craft

Paper Tulips Bouquet

A beautiful of paper tulips bouquet will make a great gift for moms, grandmas, or sisters. It is easy to make and is suitable for any event.

The stem is made of construction paper rolled into a tube and the tulip heads are simply cut from either construction or plain colored paper.

What You Need:

  • Double-sided construction paper — blue, yellow, red, orange, and green;
  • Lead pencil, ruler, scissors, PVA glue.

The construction paper should not be too thick, so you could easily roll it into a tube. You can also opt for colored paper instead, but this should be used for the heads only, as the stem, under the flowers’ weight, may end up too thin and drooping.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Paper Tulips Bouquet

Cut a long rectangle from a sheet of green construction paper. The size is totally up to you.

Cut spikes on one of the rectangular sides — they will make stems for the tulips. To ease the task for children, use a lead pencil and a ruler to draw a horizontal line in the middle of the strip and the peaks rising above it.

After you have cut the spikes, roll the strip into a tube, starting with the spiky side.

Now you have a big stem that should be steady enough when placed vertically.

Bend each spike (stem) to the side. If needed, use a pencil for convenience — put it under a spike and pull the stem slightly downwards.

Paper Tulips Bouquet

Draw a simple tulip head shape or print out the template.

Make many colored tulip heads.

Paper Tulips Bouquet

The number of the heads depends on how many stems you have made. Older children can cut a double number of the shapes and glue them onto both sides of the stems.

Paper Tulips Bouquet

The paper tulips bouquet is ready! Now you can tie it with a ribbon and make a bow.

To learn about making 3D tulips, go to How to Make a Paper Tulip tutorial.

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