Paper Turtle Craft

Paper Turtle

The paper turtle consists of a simple flat body and an imposing shell made from circles of colored paper. It’s not at all difficult to make a craft, because the main part of the work is cutting out circles from paper.

Materials used:

  • Double-sided colored cardboard;
  • Double-sided colored paper;
  • White paper;
  • Scissors, compasses, felt-tip pens, glue stick.

Paper Turtle Step by Step

We Make a Shell

At the first stage, you need to make a beautiful voluminous shell. It consists of 12 circles. Cut them out of paper. You can make the shell multi-colored and cut out circles of two or more colors, one-color is also beautiful. The diameter of the circle is arbitrary, but I don’t recommend doing less than 2 cm, since the turtle will turn out to be very small, and the work itself will be more difficult.

Fold the circle in half.

Then again to make a quarter. At the top of one of the sides (where shown as a cross), spread glue and glue the sides. Gluing only in the upper part will provide a beautiful opening of the shell from below.

Make such quarters from all 12 circles.

Now they need to be glued together, but in a certain form and order. Look at the quarter. If you put it on the surface at a right angle, the lower part will seem to bifurcate. It is in this position that you need to glue all the quarters: single corners to single corners, and bifurcated parts to the same ones. Glue also needs to be applied only in the upper part, where it is shown by a cross.

Glue all quarters together, alternating colors if you also have more than one.

Then apply glue to the last sides and complete the circle. You will get a beautiful 3D shell.

Paper Turtle

Exactly the same technique is used in the the voluminous umbrella.

We Make the Body of a Paper Turtle

Cut out a circle from cardboard, the diameter of which is equal to the circles on the shell. Also cut three strips from the same cardboard, two identical for the paws, and the third is slightly thicker, from which the head will be. Also, cut out two circles for the eyes from white paper and draw a pupil in the middle with a felt-tip pen.

Glue two thin strips crosswise onto the cardboard circle.

Then fold the strip in half and glue the ends together. Some semblance of a thick loop will turn out. Glue it between the two paw stripes and press down a little.

Apply glue within the circle with paws and glue the volume shell to it.

Paper Turtle

If necessary, make the paws shorter and draw patterns on them, glue eyes to the head, draw a smile. 3D paper turtle is ready.

Paper Turtle

Paper Turtle

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