Paper Unicorn Craft —Step by Step for Kids

Paper Unicorn Craft

A simple paper unicorn  craft step by step. An easy way for kids who can make a paper toy with their own hands.

For work you will need the following materials:

  • White cardboard. You can also use paper, only the craft will not be strong enough;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue, felt-tip pens, glitter.

Paper Unicorn Craft Step by Step

We make a body

The unicorn will replenish the collection of mythical animals made of paper, among which there are various dragons and monsters.

The body of the unicorn is a strip of white cardboard. Prepare a strip of any size, depending on what size you need a unicorn. The strip should not be too narrow, but wide will not look good either. For example, if the length of the strip is equal to the larger side of the A4 paper, its width can be 5-6 cm. It is better to choose the proportions at your own discretion, since they are all approximate.

Determine the middle of the strip with a ruler and close the ends in the center.

Now pull one side of the strip and point to the second side, apply glue and stick.

With these actions, the long side will bend into an arc, and will represent the body of a paper unicorn.

Paper Unicorn Craft

We Make Small Details of a Paper Unicorn Craft

Draw an oval on white cardboard with a wider part on either side. Draw the horn and ears. Cut out the head piece. Its width should be slightly narrower than the body. Adjust the value based on the size of the animal, its body.

Color the head, draw eyes with a felt-tip pen, even if they are closed. Make colorful bangs and a shiny horn. There are special glitter pens, glitter glue, dry glitter that can be sprinkled on pre-applied glue on the horn, as an option – use regular nail polish. In extreme cases – a yellow felt-tip pen. Also draw the ears and nostrils.

Paper Unicorn Craft

We will get a unicorn in a girlish version, all so fabulous, romantic pink.

Prepare the rest of the small details:

  • A thin strip for the neck, which must be folded into an accordion;
  • Feet, draw the simplest ones and paint in pink their lower part;
  • Wavy tail, which also color in the tone of the bangs using multi-colored felt-tip pens;
  • You can also make the same motley mane, which is a small piece of rectangular paper.

Paper Unicorn Craft

Final Stage of Creating a Paper Unicorn Craft

Glue the legs to the bottom of the body, bend the tip of the tail and glue a bright ponytail on the back. Attach an accordion neck in front. The neck should not be too long, and it must be cut out of cardboard. This way you avoid sagging your head.

Paper Unicorn Craft

Add a mane to the head, and glue the head itself to the neck. Everything, the kid’s version of the paper unicorn is ready. This is an interesting paper craft, bright, attractive, with a funny shaking head.

Paper Unicorn Craft

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