Pinecone Snail Craft for Kids

Pinecone Snail

A simple pinecone snail for kids step by step. An easy and quick craft consisting of two types of materials — pinecone and clay.

Materials for work:

  • Pinecone;
  • Clay of the desired color for the body of the snail and a small part of clay of a different color for other small details; stack;
  • Modeling board.

Pinecone Snail Step by Step

To make the body, you do not need special skills: you just need to make a long sausage and separately roll up a small ball that will be the head of the snail. After these actions, we carefully and carefully fasten the ball with the body, and lift it up in the head area. Subsequently or during the game, it is possible to give any desired position to the snail. For example, the head may be down, forward, or to one side.

Of course, every animal or bird, and even a mollusk, made of clay, must have a shape. From clay of a different color than the body, two small balls for the eyes should be rolled up, one larger, which will be the nose of the snail, as well as a long thin flagellum for a smile. Plastic moving eyes look interesting on the craft. The antennae are easy to make from two carrot-shaped parts, on the tip of which small balls are placed. The final stage of this simple work will be the addition of a shell, which is an open pinecone, to the center of the body.
Everything, the pinecone snail is ready.

Pinecone Snail

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