Pom Pom Chicken — DIY Craft for Kids

Pom Pom Chicken

A pom pom chicken is a cute toy that schoolchildren and younger kids can do with their own hands. It’s interesting to make this craft; moreover, this activity develops fine motor skills.

You will need:

  • Knitting yarn. Preferably, wool or synthetic;
  • A fork (table-ware);
  • Scissors;
  • Colored construction paper or felt cloth;
  • Moving eyes or beads and paper;
  • Double-faced adhesive tape. Or superglue, hot glue gun.

Pom Pom Chicken Step-by-Step

Spool Yarn to a Fork

Prepare a fork and thread. In this example, crochet yarn are used but they are an extremely bad choice for making pom poms. It is better to take thicker wool thread; then the pom pom will be fluffy and uniform. In general, I don’t recommend taking these. But they are suitable for the tutorial, as the working nuances can be better visible.

Cut a small piece of thread, place it in the center between the fork teeth.

Let the ends fall and fix them with your left hand. Start spooling yarn to the fork with the right hand.

Make the layer thicker — the pom pom will be fluffier. Since my threads are thin, I had to spool a lot of them; in case of wool, you can use less.

Cut the thread. Then lift up the ends of the piece that you placed between the fork teeth at the very beginning.

Tighten thoroughly and make a knot. You should do it very thoroughly so that the center thread won’t untie later and slack the entire pom pom. Also, if it is too loose, yarn may fall out.

Remove the yarn from the fork.

Pom Pom Chicken

If necessary, tie the thread in the center again.


Turning Yarn into Pom Pom

As you can see, sideways of the center yarn there are a lot of rings. Direct the scissors there and cut everything on one side. Don’t forget to fix the bottom part properly so that it does not follow the scissors.

You’ve got such a fluffy side.

Pom Pom Chicken

Now, cut all the rings on the second side of the thread, and you will get a pom pom. Use scissors to trim it so that all the ends are of the same length if possible.

Pom Pom Chicken

Make 2 such pom poms, one of which can be smaller. Although, pom poms of the same size are also suitable. To make a pom pom smaller, use a narrower fork. Or at the trimming step, trim all the yarn a bit more than in the first version. By the way, the chicken can be made of one pom pom as well.

Pom Pom Chicken

Making Chicken of Pom Poms

Tie two pom poms together. It can be done in a different ways:

  • After tying the thread at the very beginning and making a knot, don’t cut the ends, let them hang loose — later you will use them to tie the pom poms;
  • If you have cut it, tie a new thread around the first pompom and then, tie the second pom pom to it;
  • Use a needle to sew the pom poms together;
  • Glue them with superglue or hot glue gun.

Optionally, you can leave the yarn uncut and the pom pom chicken will form a key charm. Moreover, it is quite small, since its size is equal to the fork width. But if you spool yarn on your hand or paper rings with cuts instead of the fork, you may get larger pom poms.

Pom Pom Chicken

Cut two feet and a diamond-shaped nib out of colored construction paper or preferably of felt. You can also cut out wings.

Use superglue, hot glue gun or double-faced adhesive tape to glue all the parts and eyes to the body.

Pom Pom Chicken

That’s it, we’ve made such an amusing pom pom chicken. An excellent Easter craft and just an entertaining toy for children.

Pom Pom Chicken

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