Popsicle Stick Easter Craft Idea

Popsicle Stick Easter Craft

A bright popsicle stick Easter craft is presented in this tutorial. The entire step-by-step process is demonstrated in photographs.

To create such a craft we will use:

  • wooden sticks;
  • glue gun;
  • corrugated cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • with a simple pencil;
  • glue.

Popsicle Stick Easter Craft Step by Step

First, let’s prepare the base. It will be made from wooden sticks connected to each other in the form of a small fence. To do this we use hot glue. But white glue also glues wooden sticks well.

Next we’ll make the eggs. To create them we will use corrugated cardboard. It is better to take bright colors of this material. To make the eggs even, first make a template from ordinary cardboard, which you can trace with a simple pencil, and then cut out the blanks.

You can decorate the resulting eggs to your liking. You can use colored paper to cut out various elements and then glue them onto cardboard blanks. We got these Easter eggs.

We glue them onto a wooden base made earlier from sticks. To do this, we again use a glue gun.

Popsicle Stick Easter Craft

We cut out grass from a strip of green cardboard, which we glue to the bottom of the craft.

Popsicle Stick Easter Craft

A small flower will be an additional decoration. We will make its base from white paper, and for the middle we will use a circle of yellow corrugated cardboard. Our Easter craft made from wooden sticks and corrugated cardboard is ready.

Popsicle Stick Easter Craft

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