Quilling Christmas Wreath

Quilling Christmas Wreath

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to quickly make a Christmas wreath using the quilling technique, which can be part of a greeting card.

To create a Christmas wreath, we will take:

  • stripes of light green, red and dark green;
  • template with recesses of different sizes;
  • a special tool that allows you to quickly twist the strips;
  • glue.


Quilling Christmas Wreath Step by Step

It is better to make such a wreath from stripes of different green shades. We will use blanks of light green and dark green. First, we twist the light strip, and place it in a recess with a diameter of 20 mm. We glue the tip, you get a circle. A blank of a similar size must be made from a dark green strip.

Now these circles need to be gently squeezed with your fingers on one side, and then bent a little. Our blank should look like a curved droplet or a comma.

We need to make 8 such elements – 4 of them will be dark green and the same number will be made of light green stripes.

Now we will connect these blanks with glue.

Quilling Christmas Wreath

It is necessary to glue all the elements into a circle. We advise you to first place the parts in a circle, outlining their location, and then glue them. Quilling wreath for the Christmas is almost ready.

Quilling Christmas Wreath

It remains to make a bow, it will be red. We take a paper strip of the corresponding color and twist it into a blank measuring 15 mm.

We make 2 such circles.

Then we squeeze them with our fingers on one side, the blanks take the form of a droplet.

We form a bow out of them and fix it on a wreath.

Quilling Christmas Wreath

The resulting openwork craft can be decorated with small rhinestones, any other decor, and even miniature paper quilling rolls. This is how we got a wonderful Christmas wreath using the quilling technique – this is the perfect decoration for applications, postcards, boxes with a gift for loved ones.

Quilling Christmas Wreath

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