Quilling Dragonfly Step by Step for Kids and Beginners

Quilling Dragonfly

Step-by-step photo review – quilling dragonfly for kids. Thin paper strips in this tutorial will turn into an insect with fragile wings. And special tools will help us in our work.

To make a dragonfly, we will prepare:

  • paper strips of blue, orange, yellow, red;
  • white glue with scissors;
  • twisting tool and template.

Quilling Dragonfly Step by Step

Let’s start creating crafts with wings. First, prepare 4 strips of the following colors.

Sequentially glue them together. Then twist, starting with a yellow strip. We place it in a template with a recess having a diameter of 30 mm.

We take it out carefully, glue the tip.

Squeeze on one side. The first wing for the dragonfly is ready.

We also make the same wing of four strips.

Quilling Dragonfly

The other pair of wings will be slightly smaller. For one wing we prepare 3 strips.

We glue them sequentially, after which we form a circle measuring 25 mm.

We take out the circle, and fix its tip with glue.

We give it the desired shape, squeezing on one side. We make the same wing. In total, we should get 4 blanks.

Quilling Dragonfly

Now let’s create the body of the dragonfly. Fold the blue paper strip in half.

We twist its ends with the help of a tool.

We make the same blanks from three more blue stripes.

Quilling Dragonfly

We glue them together, creating the body of a dragonfly.

Quilling Dragonfly

We make the head from two tightly twisted strips, we also add a small antennae. For the back of the body, glue an additional piece of blue stripe.

Quilling Dragonfly

Next, we will glue the wings, but first we will connect them together as follows.

Quilling Dragonfly

We fix the wings on the sides of the body. This is how the quilling dragonfly turned out.

Quilling Dragonfly

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