Quilling Snowflake Step by Step

Quilling Snowflake

If you look closely, it is difficult to find identical snowflakes. They are drawn by nature. But after all, we can also show a little creativity and make our wonderful, openwork quilling snowflake.

To create such a snowflake, we will prepare:

  • strips of white paper;
  • white glue;
  • template with notches for quilling;
  • special tool for twisting rolls.

Quilling Snowflake Step by Step

Our snowflake will have 6 rays. But let’s start making it from the center. To do this, we glue 2 strips, and then twist them into a blank with a diameter of 20 mm.

We take out the resulting circle from the template, carefully fix the tip of the strip with a drop of white glue.

Now we take this circle with both hands so that the center of the circle is in the middle. After that, gently squeeze the workpiece on both sides. So, we started to make the central elements for the snowflake.

In total, we need 6 such blanks.

Let’s start gluing them. In this case, the glue must be applied only to the lower part of the workpiece on one side.

So gradually we connect all 6 elements in a circle.

Quilling Snowflake

The following blanks will have a different look. To create them, you also need to pre-glue 2 strips, and then make a circle of them with a diameter of 20 mm. Having fixed the tip with glue, we form a blank of the following type.

It must be glued between the central rays.

Quilling Snowflake

We make 5 more such elements, after which we fix them on our snowflake.

Quilling Snowflake

The rest of the blanks will be made from one strip. First, we twist the white strip into a circle with a diameter of 15 mm.

Carefully peel off, glue the tip, then squeeze with your fingers on one side.

We fix the resulting ray on the snowflake.

Quilling Snowflake

We make 5 more such rays, after which we evenly distribute them over our craft. This is how we got an openwork quilling snowflake .

Quilling Snowflake

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