Quilling Tree Step by Step

Quilling Tree

When preparing gifts for your loved ones for the Christmas, do not forget about postcards that you can make yourself. For example, a quilling tree is perfect for decorating the front side of a Christmas card.

In addition, such a Christmas tree can be used as an applique on a Christmas theme, part of a winter paper composition.

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To create an openwork Christmas tree, we used:

  • strips of green, red and yellow paper;
  • twisting tool;
  • white glue;
  • scissors;
  • template with recesses for quilling.

DIY Quilling Tree

Our Christmas tree will be made from blanks of different sizes, which we will twist from green stripes. First, we glue 2 strips and twist them into a blank with a diameter of 20 mm.

We make 2 such blanks.

Then we squeeze them from one side, giving the shape of a droplet. These will be the bottom elements for the future Christmas tree.

We make the following blanks from one green strip. Initially, they will have a diameter of 15 mm, and then we give them a teardrop shape.

Next, we twist the workpiece with a diameter of 12 mm.

We need to make 3 such elements, subsequently giving them the shape of a drop.

Quilling Tree

Christmas Tree Assembly Quilling

Now let’s start assembling our openwork Christmas tree. To do this, we first glue together 3 elements that we made from blanks with a diameter of 12 mm.

To move to the next tier of the quilling Christmas tree, we need a small roll, which we make with a diameter of 8 mm, we glue it from below.

Then add blanks made from circles with a diameter of 15 mm.

Quilling Tree

For the barrel, add a circle measuring 10 mm. And from below we glue the largest blanks.

Quilling Tree

It remains to make the lower part of the Christmas tree. To do this, first we twist the paper strip into a circle with a diameter of 12 mm, and then form a triangle out of it. Glue this blank on the bottom.

Quilling Tree

We Decorate the Christmas Tree Quilling

Let’s decorate the quilling Christmas tree. For the top, we will make a star, for which we will need to twist the yellow strip into a circle measuring 15 mm.

Then we fix the tip of this circle, and then we give the desired shape.

We fix this decoration on the top of the Christmas tree with glue.

Quilling Tree

We make balls from halves of stripes of red and yellow. We twist them into tight rolls, and then evenly distribute them along our beauty.

Quilling Tree

Here is such a beautiful and elegant quilling tree turned out. Great craft for the Christmas, interesting Christmas quilling for children.

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