Quilling Umbrella – Step by Step Tutorial

Quilling Umbrella

An original decoration for cards can be made from paper strips. I propose in this tutorial to make an openwork quilling umbrella.

To make such an umbrella you will need:

  • paper strips of different colors;
  • glue;
  • a template in which blanks can be placed;
  • tool.

Quilling Umbrella Step by Step

Our umbrella will be multi-colored. Therefore, blanks from strips of various colors are used. First, we sequentially glue 2 red stripes, twist them and place them in a 20 mm template.

We get the resulting even circle. In order for it to retain its shape, you need to glue the tip of its strip.

Now we change the shape of this blank, making a triangle out of it, the base of which will be uneven, but slightly concave inward.

The same elements for the future umbrella need to be prepared from strips of other colors. In total, for our crafts you will need 5 such elements.

Quilling Umbrella

We start gluing them together. After connecting all five blanks, we got the upper part of the openwork umbrella.

Quilling Umbrella

Additionally, it can be decorated with dense rolls twisted from orange stripes. In the upper part we glue a roll made of one strip. And the bottom of the umbrella will be decorated with blanks made from halves of orange stripes.

Quilling Umbrella

It remains to make a handle for the umbrella. To do this, we glue 2 strips together, then twist them and place them in the recess of the template marked 30 mm.

From the resulting circle we form an elongated workpiece.

Then we bend its lower part and glue it to the main part. It turned out such a bright quilling umbrella. It can be supplemented with flowers, droplets.

Quilling Umbrella

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