Rainbow of Cardboard and Threads

Rainbow of Cardboard and Thread

Today’s tutorial is a rainbow of cardboard and threads of different colors. This will help the child learn the correct arrangement of colors in the rainbow.

To create such a craft, we will prepare:

  • a sheet of thick cardboard (it is possible from under unnecessary packaging boxes);
  • scissors;
  • multi-colored threads for knitting;
  • white sheet of paper;
  • decorative eyes;
  • simple pencil;
  • glue gun.

Rainbow of Cardboard and Threads

Let’s make a cloud first. And for this we will use thick cardboard, on which we will draw it with a simple pencil, and then cut it out with scissors.

In addition, we glue white paper on the cloud, after which we again use scissors and cut off the excess along the contour. Next, we need white threads. We fix the tip on the reverse side with hot glue or adhesive tape, and then we begin to wrap the cardboard blank. Children can use a different number of threads, at their discretion.

After that, we fix the tip again. This is how we got a white cloud of cardboard and thread.

Rainbow of Cardboard and Thread

Now it’s time to make the rainbow itself. To do this, we use the yarn of the seven required colors. We cut off each piece about 20 cm long.

Let’s use the glue gun again. We begin to fasten these multi-colored threads from the back of the cloud. Do not forget about the correct arrangement of the colors of the rainbow.

Rainbow of Cardboard and Thread

After that, trim the ends of the threads with scissors. It remains to make a little craft. We added decorative eyes and a mouth made from a short red thread. Our rainbow of cardboard and thread is ready.

Rainbow of Cardboard and Thread

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