3D Rainbow Paper Craft

Rainbow Paper

A bright and beautiful rainbow paper is a great spring-summer craft for children. There are many ways to create it, two of which are presented in this tutorial.

For work you will need:

  • Double-sided colored cardboard of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, violet;
  • Ruler, simple pencil, scissors, glue;
  • For the second method – also cotton wool.

Rainbow Paper Step by Step

Cut out 7 stripes from colored cardboard, matching the color of the rainbow. Any size, but keep in mind that 6 strips will overlap a little, which means you need to add a few millimeters to the desired width. For example, the rainbow presented in this review consists of stripes, the length of which is equal to the narrow side of A4 paper. The width of 6 strips is 1.5 cm, purple is 1 cm.

Glue all the strips together, sticking each subsequent one on the previous one. The sides can be trimmed, but this is not necessary, later they will not be visible.

Draw a cloud of any shape and cut out 4 identical ones. Clouds can be made of white cardboard, perhaps in a snow-white state they are even more beautiful.

At this stage, you can immediately glue two clouds on the ends of the rainbow from different sides, but it’s better to make the rainbow arched before adding clouds, as it should be. Due to the fact that the strips are made of cardboard, the arched position will be held much better than if it were paper. To bend the strips glued together, draw a simple pencil through their entire area, while slightly bending the rainbow down. Usually, leaves for flowers are created in this way, beautifully wrapping them in one direction. Draw a few times under the rainbow with a pencil, help a little with your hands, gently pressing the tips together and thereby creating an arc. But do not overdo it, rainbows do not need sharp corners.

If you haven’t glued the clouds yet, do it now. It will turn out such a simple and cute paper rainbow.

Rainbow Paper

Depending on how thick the paper is, it is not always possible to give the rainbow an arcuate position. In this case, there are two solutions to the problem:

  1. Glue the clouds to the paper, fixing the position.
  2. Cut off a thin strip of paper, bend the rainbow and glue this strip on the sides on the inside, having previously determined the height of the arc.

Rainbow Paper

Option 2 of the Rainbow

All the steps to create a rainbow, as in the first version. Then cut out the clouds, bend the ends of the multi-colored strips glued together and glue to the cloud. Glue the clouds themselves to the cardboard, but not in the side area, but on the entire side.

Rainbow Paper

Give the clouds fluffiness by gluing pieces of cotton wool to them. In this case, it is even better if the paper clouds are white. It will turn out such a rainbow paper, and it holds perfectly with an arc, even without gluing.

Rainbow Paper

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