Sheep Quilling for Kids Step by Step

Sheep Quilling

For many kids crafts, colored paper is used. But it is no less interesting to craft from paper strips. Such creativity is called quilling. This tutorial presents a sheep quilling made of white and black paper stripes.

To create such a sheep you will need:

  • paper strips of black and white;
  • glue;
  • template with recesses for quilling;
  • special tool for twisting strips;
  • plastic eyes.

Sheep Quilling Step by Step

Let’s start making our crafts from the torso of a lamb. For this we need white stripes. We take one of them and twist it into a roll with a diameter of 10 mm. We carefully take out this round blank, fix the edge with glue.

We make 9 more such round blanks.

Now we begin to create the body of a lamb from these white elements. To do this, use glue, connect the circles together as follows.

Sheep Quilling

This completes the work with white stripes, then black paper strips will be needed. We take one of them and twist it into a 12 mm blank.

In total, we need to make 2 such circles.

We give them the shape of triangles. These will be the legs of the sheep.

We fix them at the bottom of the craft.

Sheep Quilling

From the next two black stripes we will make sheep ears. To do this, first we form circles with a diameter of 12 mm, then we give them a teardrop shape.

It remains to make the head. For her, we use 2 black stripes, pre-glue them together. Then we twist into a workpiece with a diameter of 15 mm.

We take this circle out of the template and gently squeeze it on one side.

We fix black ears on the sides of the head.

Sheep Quilling

We fix the head on the body of the lamb.

Sheep Quilling

Add plastic eyes. Quilling sheep is ready.

Sheep Quilling

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