Summer Clay Craft for Kids

Summer Clay Craft

Many people love summer. But this time of the year is especially loved by kids, when a lot of time can be spent outdoors, playing interesting games. Today our tutorial is a summer clay craft, which is dedicated to everyone’s favorite season.

To create such a craft, we took:

  • a set of colored clay;
  • blue cardboard;
  • plastic stack.

Summer Clay Craft Step by Step

Let’s start with making wood. From brown clay we will form a trunk. We fix it at the bottom of the blue cardboard, which we place vertically.

And the crown of the summer tree will be made of small balls. Therefore, we begin to roll them out of green clay.


To begin with, we place these balls in a circle, outlining the contour of the future crown.

Then we press them with our fingers, fixing them in this way on a cardboard base.

Next, we continue to form the crown, moving from the periphery to the center. Our clay tree is ready.

Summer Clay Craft

At the bottom of the craft we will depict grass. To do this, we form a strip of green clay, and then we go through a plastic stack on one side of it, creating an imitation of grass.

We fix it from the bottom of our clay crafts.

Summer Clay Craft

Additionally, we blind the flower. For him, take small balls of white and yellow clay. We will form a flower by pressing them on cardboard. And for the stem and leaf we use green clay.

Summer Clay Craft

There will also be birds on our craft. To create them, we use pink and lilac clay. First, we form blanks in the form of curved droplets.

Then add wings, eyes and beaks to them.

birds Craft

We plant one of the birds on a tree, and place the second on the grass below.

Summer Clay Craft

Finally, let’s make the sun, because it is it that most often pleases us in the summer. To do this, use the yellow clay. From it we form the main part and rays in the form of thin flagella. Next, we will make a cloud of small balls of white clay. Summer clay craft are ready.

Summer Clay Craft

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