Toilet Paper Roll Cat

Toilet Paper Roll Cat

You can make anything you like of a paper roll – whether it is an amusing character or a useful thing. I have at least 40 ideas, which sooner or later I will bring to life. Well, today it will be a cat made of a toilet paper roll – a red flirty fashionmonger.

You will need:

  • A toilet paper roll;
  • Orange and pink cardboard;
  • Orange colored paper;
  • Black and white paper for eyes;
  • A stencil for making circles and using as a ruler;
  • A writing pencil, scissors, a glue stick.

If you have no stencil, you can use small coins; there are various sizes, you can select the one most suitable.

Toilet Paper Roll Cat

Toilet Paper Roll Cat Step by Step

You should start with preparing a paper roll. Fold one of the roll sides inside.

Toilet Paper Roll Cat

Then, the second one. Do you best to make even corners with no gaps.

Toilet Paper Roll Cat

Next, prepare all the parts that make up the paper roll cat.

  • Measure the roll height and width and cut a rectangle out of orange paper. Later, it will be used to cover the roll. You can use the roll to make the measurement by wrapping it in paper and marking the dimensions with a pencil.
  • Out of orange cardboard you should cut two circles for a snout and two small hearts that will make up paws. You also will need a long tail.
  • Out of pink cardboard you will need a heart-shaped nose, a bow and a long belt. You can easily draw these with a pencil and cut them out.
  • Of white paper cut out two circles that will make up eyes and two small circles for pupils out of black paper.

Toilet Paper Roll Cat

All the parts are ready; now let’s get down to the most interesting process – assembling of the character we need.

Glue the prepared orange paper onto the paper roll. Fold one of its sides, repeating the roll shape.

Toilet Paper Roll Cat

Then, glue the eyes – it looks amusing when they slightly squint inside. Atop of the eyes – two circles – a snout. Don’t forget to draw whiskers on it. And atop the snout, stick the heart-shaped nose. Follow with the paws, tail, and accessories – the bow and the belt.

Toilet Paper Roll Cat

The pretty cat made of the toilet paper roll is ready.

Here, you can see it with an owl made of a toilet paper roll in the same technique; in other words, with one side folded and with protrusive ears.

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