Toilet Paper Roll Dog: 2 Ideas

Toilet Paper Roll Dog

Let’s broaden the waste material handicrafts collection – this time, it will be a toilet paper roll dog. A roll provides a perfect basis for creating a variety of characters; even dogs can be completely different. Here, I offer you two versions of dogs – very simple and cute.

You will need:

  • Colored paper;
  • Double-sided colored cardboard;
  • Toilet paper rolls;
  • A writing pencil, scissors, a glue stick, markers.

Toilet Paper Roll Dog Step by Step

1 version

Prepare a piece of colored paper of size of the roll perimeter and length. You can use the roll for measurements by wrapping it in paper and marking the necessary values.

Stick paper to the roll.

Now, you need to draw small parts of the dog on cardboard and cut them out:

  • Round head;
  • 3 oblong ovals that will make up ears and a snout;
  • 2 long forepaws;
  • 2 semi-ovals for hind paws;
  • A tail.

Optionally, kids can draw the whole dog’s snout at once.

If the head consists of small parts, glue them together. Stick the snout and attach the ears behind; draw eyes, a nose and a smile.

Toilet Paper Roll Dog
Now, glue the forepaws to the roll and then the head, locating it just above the roll top edge. Add the hind paws on either side at the bottom, the tail behind and the toilet paper roll dog is ready.
Toilet Paper Roll Dog

2 version

This version is even easier, since you won’t have to make head; it will be a part of the body.

Just as in the first version, glue colored paper over the roll.

Draw and cut small parts out:

  • Two rounded ears, rather large;
  • A triangle nose;
  • 4 paws. These are small semi-ovals with a wavy line along one side.

Make cuts on both sides atop the roll and insert the ears into them.
Glue moving eyes or use a marker to draw them. Add a nose, paws, a smile and the toilet paper dog is complete.

Toilet Paper Roll Dog
Here is what the roll dogs can look like – simple and cute.

Toilet Paper Roll Dog

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