Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

Toilet paper roll octopus craft is an interesting creative work made from waste materials. Step-by-step creation of octopuses from a roll and threads.

To make a marine application, take:

  • blue, orange, yellow and white paper;
  • cardboard roll;
  • glue;
  • yellow and orange yarn;
  • hole puncher;
  • marker scissors (blue and black);
  • decorative eyes.

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft Step by Step

We will make blanks for octopuses from a cardboard roll. We cut off 2 elements about 4 cm high from it.

We wrap them with strips of orange and yellow paper. Be sure to glue the edges on each blank.

Now we will use a hole punch, we make holes along the bottom edge of the cardboard blank.

Next, we need yarn for knitting. We take a small piece of orange thread, fold it in half.

We pass through the hole made earlier.

Pass the other end of the double thread through the loop and tighten.

In this way, you need to insert the threads into all the holes made. We made the legs for our orange octopus.

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

We do the same with the yellow blank.

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

Add eyes, and draw a mouth with a black felt-tip pen. Our octopuses are ready.

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

Making a background. On a sheet of blue paper, glue the waves cut out of white paper.

Then we fix the octopuses. It remains to use a blue felt-tip pen and draw air bubbles. Toilet paper roll octopus craft is ready.

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

If desired, you can supplement the work with paper algae, fish swimming past. Get a real water world.

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