Toilet Paper Roll Tiger Pencil Holder

tiger pencil holder

Tutorial on the topic: toilet paper roll tiger pencil holder. Step by step instructions with photos.

In the past, we have already made many different pencil cases, consisting of one or more bushings. For example, a caterpillar pencil holder, a dragon pencil holder, a pencil holder in the form of a dinosaur, etc. Today is another interesting option that children will love.

Materials for creative work:

  • 4 toilet paper rolls;
  • Orange paper;
  • Orange cardboard;
  • White and black paper;
  • Glue, scissors, compasses, ruler, brown felt-tip pen.

Toilet Paper Roll Tiger Pencil Holder Step by Step

Prepare 4 toilet paper rolls. You can also roll orange cardboard into a cylinder.

Measure the length and circumference of the bushings, transfer the data to orange paper and cut 4 rectangles. It is convenient to measure directly with paper by wrapping it around the rolls.

Glue the paper around the rolls. It will turn out such 4 bright rolls – the future body of the tiger.

Glue them together, you can in a row, or a little semicircle.

Prepare additional details:

  • Using a compass, draw a circle of suitable size on orange cardboard and cut it out;
  • Also from this cardboard you will need 4 paws, a long, slightly wavy tail;
  • From white paper, cut out two circles for the muzzle, two very small circles for the ears, one white oval to display the belly;
  • From black paper, cut out a small circle for the nose and many black triangles of various sizes, which will display the characteristic stripes of the tiger;
  • Also cut out eyes from paper. You can stick any, and even draw with a felt-tip pen.

Glue all the details on the round muzzle, and then add a white oval to the first rolls and black marks on the body and tail.

tiger pencil holder

Cut out a piece of cardboard that will close the holes from the bottom so that the placed items do not fall out. It can be of any color or shape, the main thing is that the width and length correspond to the parameters of the craft. Glue it to the bottom of the bushings.

That’s it, the toilet paper roll tiger pencil holder is ready.

tiger pencil holder

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