Toilet Paper Roll Tulip Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Tulip Craft

Making a toilet paper roll tulip couldn’t be easier. This is one of the easiest flower designs kids can make.

The following materials were used in the work:

  • Toilet paper roll;
  • Green colored paper;
  • Double-sided colored cardboard;
  • Ruler, pencil, scissors, glue stick.

If there are any prejudices against the toilet paper roll, half a paper towel roll will successfully replace it. Or you can immediately roll the green cardboard into a cylinder.

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Tulip Craft

The roll will be used as a tulip stem in the craft, so you need to make it green. If desired, the paper roll can be painted green or wrapped in paper. Measure the required length; this can be done quickly and easily if you simply wrap the roll in paper and measure the height and volume with a pencil. Then cut a rectangle using this data.

Glue the paper to the core, applying glue not only to the edges, but also making a couple of strokes in the middle so that the paper does not slip off the roll later.

Draw simple two leaves and cut them out of green construction paper. Draw a tulip; children can generally draw a simple oval with three teeth on one side. It is more beautiful when the tulip is the same size or just slightly wider than the roll.

Glue the leaves on the sides of the roll; they look good both at the back and at the front. But the flower can be attached in two ways. The first is to make cuts on the sides at the top of the roll and simply insert a tulip flower into them (that’s why it should be made of cardboard, since this is problematic to do with soft paper).

Toilet Paper Roll Tulip Craft

And the second way is to glue the flower onto a roll. That’s it, the toilet paper roll tulip is ready. Fast, simple and interesting, and thanks to the different selection of colors for the tulip, it is bright and varied.

Toilet Paper Roll Tulip Craft

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