Toilet Roll Dragon Craft

Toilet Roll Dragon Craft

The two-headed toilet roll dragon craft looks impressive, children are interested in the theme of snakes, dragons, dinosaurs, so they will like this simple craft.

Despite the fact that this character appeared in a cartoon about dragons, he can safely be called a two-headed snake. By the way, the cartoon is called “How to Train Your Dragon” and we have already made one of the main characters, Toothless. The work can be found in the review — the paper dragon Toothless.

What you will need for the craft:

  • A toilet paper roll, alternatively half a paper towel roll, or rolled green cardboard;
  • Green cardboard;
  • Green paper;
  • Yellow paper;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, a glue stick, a black marker.

Toilet Roll Dragon Craft Step by Step

Prepare a piece of green paper equal to the height and volume of the roll. The fastest way is to wrap the sleeve in paper and mark the desired values with a pencil.

Cover the roll with green paper.

Make Small Details

Here you already need to show some artistic skills, although the drawings are not at all complicated. As a last resort, print out the blanks and redraw them. You will need:

  • Two heads fastened together. They must be made of cardboard so that the neck is held vertically and does not hang sadly along the roll;
  • The wings are one piece. For convenience, place the roll on green cardboard and draw wings on the sides. You can make the wings separate. For example, draw a wing, fold the paper and cut out two identical ones at once;
  • Two small triangles for noses. First compare their size with your head;
  • Four semicircular yellow eyes;
  • Two legs in the form of long triangles with rounded corners.

Toilet Roll Dragon Craft

Final Stage

Glue eyes and noses onto the heads, draw pupils, nostrils, and a smile with a marker. You can also draw claw points on the paws and arcs on the wings in advance. Glue all the components onto the body, and you will get this funny toilet roll dragon craft.

Toilet Roll Dragon Craft

Idea! Cut out a circle from cardboard, slightly larger than the diameter of the bottom of the roll or dragon’s body. Glue this circle to the bottom — you will get an interesting and useful object that decorates the table, in which you can place pencils or pens.

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