Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft Step by Step

Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll

A very simple unicorn toilet paper roll for kid’s art. Bright and colorful character made of colored paper and roll.

Materials for work:

  • Toilet paper roll (as an option, a cardboard roll);
  • Pink colored paper;
  • Orange and red paper;
  • Decorative yellow glitter paper;
  • Scissors, glue, a simple pencil.

Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Step by Step

Measure the paper along the length and circumference of the roll, cut out a rectangular segment.

Glue it to the roll.

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Making Paper Roses

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On the area of ​​the circle, draw a spiral with a pencil.

Carefully cut along the lines, cutting from the side.

Wrap the spiral around the toothpick.

After a little release, giving the rose the desired volume and glue the tip, fixing the result. The rose is ready.

Make 3 flowers.

Glue them along one of the sleeve edges.

Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll

Prepare small simple details, cut out:

  • Two triangles of pink paper for the ears;
  • 2 smaller red triangles for the inside of the ears;
  • From paper with fishing line, one triangle for the horn. In the absence of such paper, you can use gloss, varnish with glitter, paint over with gel pens with glitter. Or simply use plain yellow paper;
  • Cut out two blush circles from red paper.

Glue the horn in the center and the ears on the sides.

Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll

Draw the eyelids with eyelashes and glue on the blush. Everything, the unicorn toilet paper roll is ready.

Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll

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