Valentine Card With Birds and a 3D Heart

Valentine Card With Birds

Step-by-step creative work – Valentine card with birds and a 3d heart. The craft is simple and interesting.

Materials used:

  • Pink cardboard;
  • Fuchsia paper;
  • Red paper;
  • A simple pencil, glue, scissors;
  • Plastic eyes.

Valentine Card With Birds Step by Step

At the first stage, prepare the base – a large pink heart made of cardboard.

Also cut out two simple teardrop-shaped birds from fuchsia paper. Cut out small drop-shaped wings from red paper for them. And also the beaks will be red.

Now you need to make a voluminous heart. To do this, cut out 4 identical hearts from red paper.

Fold them in half.

Apply a strip of glue along the fold in the center and glue a heart on top, apply glue again and glue a third heart. Add the last one in the same way. Thus, we will have all the hearts connected together only in the central part. Therefore, the edges can be lifted to make a voluminous heart. Or, fold everything together in half, press it well, and then straighten the sides.

Let’s move on to the last steps. Glue the finished birds to the base cardboard. And between them place a voluminous heart. Optionally, draw or cut and glue very small hearts in the center.

Valentine Card With Birds

Everything, Valentine card with simple birds and a 3d heart is ready.

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