Valentine Card With Felt Roses

Valentine Card With Felt Roses

You can congratulate a loved one on February 14 with a handmade postcard. In this tutorial, we have a valentine card with felt roses, which can be done by children with a little help from adults.

To create such a valentine, we will prepare:

  • felt red, pink, green;
  • compass with a simple pencil;
  • stapler with scissors;
  • glue gun.

Valentine Card With Felt Roses Step by Step

First, let’s make the basis for our valentine, which will be made in the form of a heart. For him, we will use red felt. But first you need to make a template, we make it out of paper. To do this, we fold white paper, after which we draw the contour of a half of a heart at the place of the fold.

Cut it out with scissors. In this case, we got an even heart. We put it on red felt and circle it with a simple pencil.

Again, use the scissors and cut out the base for the valentine.

Next, we will decorate it with flowers. For their manufacture, we will use pink felt. We cut out a circle, its diameter in our case is about 6 cm. We will make a rose from it using a stapler.

To do this, the pink round blank must be folded as follows.

Then we fix in the middle with a stapler.

Turn the wide side down. As a result, we got such a flower, similar to a rose.

Valentine Card With Felt Roses

For our craft, we prepared 3 flowers.

Valentine Card With Felt Roses

We fix them with a glue gun on a red felt base.

Valentine Card With Felt Roses

After that, cut out 3 leaves from green felt. Additionally, we make small cloves along the edge with scissors.

We glue the leaves between the flowers, again we use hot glue for this. Valentine’s card with felt roses is ready.

Valentine Card With Felt Roses

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