DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Valentine's Day Cards

Easy Valentine’s Day cards with links to step-by-step explanations with detailed photos.
The selection will expand and be supplemented with new interesting ideas for cards and valentines.

Some cards are very simple, perfect for little ones. Some are for older children and adult assistance may be required.

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

Heart Pop-Up Card

Heart Pop-Up Card

An excellent card for children, original and interesting. Moderately complex, but in general, if you understand the principle of operation, quite simple. This is a pop-up version of the postcard; when opened, a heart appears and moves forward.

Valentine Card with Tulip for Kids

Valentine Card with Tulip

All actions are simple. Cut out a heart from cardboard, decorate it as desired, and glue a stem with simple leaves. But with a voluminous heart you will have to work hard, since it consists of several hearts glued together. The work is not difficult, children can handle it easily.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

The review includes three works that are suitable for preschool children. A minimum of actions, complex concepts, and material. Maximum of positivity, interest and creative achievements.

Valentine Card With Birds and a 3D Heart

Valentine Card With Birds

Step-by-step creative work – Valentine card with birds and a 3D heart. The craft is simple and interesting.

Flower-Heart Greeting Card

DIY Flower-Heart Greeting Card

A wonderful idea and always a successful result. The main thing is to make a stand on which the voluminous heart will be attached, and the appearance of the heart itself may depend on the age of the child. Small children can make a flat heart, older children can handle a voluminous one.

Hearts Valentines Day Card for Kids

Hearts Valentines Day Card

A simple card for children. Consists of three-dimensional hearts of different colors, collected in a bouquet. Thanks to the rich colors, the card turns out festive and bright.

Cactus Valentine Card for Kids

Cactus Valentine Card

Extensive creative work. It is a 3D version of a cactus, placed in a pot with an inscription. The top of the cactus is crowned with small hearts.

Giraffe Craft for Valentine’s Day

Giraffe Craft

A 3d giraffe in the form of a cylinder with eye-catching hearts. A simple card for children’s creativity.

Valentine’s Day Cards — Felt Roses

Valentine Card With Felt Roses

You can congratulate a loved one on February 14 with a handmade postcard. In this tutorial, we have a valentine card with felt roses, which can be done by children with a little help from adults.

Pop-up Hand Card for Kids

Pop-up Hand Card

This is both an interesting version of a postcard for Valentine’s Day and a memorable gift from a child. The card is based on circled palms, when opened, a surprise appears in the form of a heart or flowers.

Card with Felt Flamingo for Valentine’s Day

Card with Felt Flamingo

A simple card with felt flamingos for Valentine’s Day. The basis of the bird is felt multi-colored hearts, which give the work originality and volume.

Lovebirds Valentine’s Day Cards

Lovebirds Valentine's Day Card

The work is interesting because there is an opportunity to show your creative talents. Since instead of a bird, it can be any design, the upper part of which is cut off, leaving the space between the design and the fold untouched. But, if you like the theme with a heart and birds, there is a ready-made template in the review.

Greeting Card for Mom

Greeting Card for Mom

Despite the apparent complexity, making such a postcard is not at all difficult, especially the part where the 3D heart is created. And then, if you wish, you can leave it in this form, or glue on beautiful eyes and letters.

3D Heart Flower Card for Valentine’s Day

3D Heart Flower Card
A very Valentine’s Day cards, and in different colors it is beautiful in its own way. Materials you will need:

  • Cardboard in color on both sides;
  • Any colored paper. You can use leftover pieces from other works;
  • Optionally, postcard and flower templates;
  • Glue, pencil, scissors;
  • Any decor for additional decoration.

Turtle Valentine Card Craft For Kids

Turtle Valentine Card Craft

This beauty made of hearts can be used both in cards and in the top crafts for Valentine’s Day. This is because it itself is a paper toy, and if you sign inside, it will turn out to be a great postcard. It’s very easy to make, the main thing is to cut out a sufficient number of hearts that will completely cover the turtle’s shell.

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