Whale Craft for Preschoolers

Whale Craft for Preschoolers

A simple 3D whale craft for preschoolers. Easy work with marine-themed paper, bright result.

What you need for the craft:

  • Background cardboard;
  • Colored paper to display the wave;
  • Black paper for the whale;
  • Some pink paper;
  • Paper eye;
  • Scissors, a simple pencil, glue, felt-tip pen.

Whale Craft for Preschoolers Step by Step

At the initial stage, you should decide on the size of the craft, and then prepare a piece of cardboard for the background. In this work, its shape is square, but you can make it completely different: rounded, with wavy edges, rectangular.

Cut a strip from colored paper, the width of which is equal to the background, and the length occupies a third of it.

Cut the narrow paper into strips, and then twist them down with a pencil, you get such curly waves. They can be of any width and degree of twist.

Glue to cardboard base. Please note that you need to apply glue to the fringed strip only at the bottom. Subsequently, the whale will be easy to place in the space between the waves and the base.

Draw a simple whale on black paper and cut it out. Here you can use your imagination. for example, make an origami whale, print a sample, or draw whale at your own discretion. Give him an eye and a smile.

Whale Craft for Preschoolers

Place it above the wave, even lowering it a little lower, draw a fountain with a felt-tip pen.

Whale Craft for Preschoolers

Everything, the whale craft for preschoolers is ready.

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