Yarn and Paper Bullfinch Craft

Yarn And Paper Bullfinch

Yarn and paper bullfinch craft step by step. Detailed description with bright visual photos. Great winter craft for kids.

Bullfinches can be recognized from afar by their red chest. It is this distinctive feature that will allow us to make crafts in the form of this bird. And we will do it from yarn and cardboard, focusing on the photos of this tutorial.

To make such a bullfinch, take:

  • black cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • threads for knitting gray, red and white;
  • white glue;
  • paper;
  • decorative eyes;
  • pencil.

Yarn And Paper Bullfinch Craft in Stages

Let’s start creating crafts with a template for the future bullfinch. To do this, draw the outline of a bird on a piece of paper. There should be a hole in the center of this template through which we will thread the threads.

We apply this bird template to the back of the black cardboard, and then trace it with a pencil along the contour. It is required to make 2 such blanks that will be symmetrical.

Now we connect the templates together so that the black side of the cardboard is outside. But until we glue these blanks together.

Next, we will form the bullfinch’s breast. And for this we need red yarn. We cut off a few meters from the skein, after which we begin to wind it at the bottom of the workpiece, threading it through the hole in the template.

The red breast is ready.

Yarn And Paper Bullfinch

We will decorate the upper part of the bullfinch with gray and white threads. First we wind gray yarn, we place it in front.

Yarn And Paper Bullfinch

After that, you need to wind white threads on the template.

Yarn And Paper Bullfinch

At the next stage, we need sharp scissors, with which we will cut the threads along the edge of the template. To do this, we take the bullfinch blank in one hand, holding it by the center. And with the other hand, we begin to carefully cut the threads.

Yarn And Paper Bullfinch

Now you need to fix all these threads together, creating a kind of pom pom on a cardboard blank. To do this, take a small piece of any thread, thread it between the templates and tie tightly.

Yarn And Paper Bullfinch

We cut off the extra threads, and glue the templates together.

Yarn And Paper Bullfinch

It remains to add decorative eyes on both sides of the craft. This is how we got a yarn and paper bullfinch craft.

Yarn And Paper Bullfinch

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