Yarn Dandelion — Spring Crafts Step by Step

Yarn Dandelion

In our spring craft we will use knitting threads. It is from them that we propose to make a bright yarn dandelion shown in this tutorial.

To create it, let’s prepare:

  • yellow and green yarn;
  • ruler;
  • wooden skewer;
  • glue gun with scissors.

Yarn Dandelion Step by Step

In the manufacture of such a flower from threads, an ordinary ruler will help us. First, we take a yellow thread and tie the ruler along its length, do not forget to tie a couple of knots.

Next, we will bandage the ruler in the transverse direction. First, we make the first round and tie knots.

Then we begin to wind the yellow yarn, placing the turns with each other. In this case, the thread should not be pulled tightly, since then this workpiece will have to be removed from the ruler. For our dandelion, we wound about 8 cm in length.

Now we fasten the green yarn next to it. From it we will make the lower part of our flower.

To do this, we wind about 6 cm of yarn on the ruler.

Cut the horizontal yellow thread with scissors.

First, carefully remove the blank of yellow threads from the ruler. At the same time, we make sure that the thread passing inside does not slip out.

We begin to twist this yellow blank.

We tighten the thread located inside, tie it, and then retreat about 1 cm and pull the entire workpiece of the future dandelion.

We cut the upper part of the threads and trim with scissors.

Yarn Dandelion

Next, carefully remove the green blank from the ruler. A thread must also pass inside it.

We tie it, and give the workpiece itself the shape of a flower.

Cut the loops along the edges with scissors.

We place a yellow flower in the center and fix it with a glue gun.

Yarn Dandelion

We lift the green base up and tie it with a thread of the same color.

We get such a dandelion.

Yarn Dandelion

It remains to make a stem for him. We insert a wooden skewer from the underside of the flower and fix it with hot glue.

Yarn Dandelion

Then we take green yarn, fix its tip with a glue gun, after which we begin to wind it on a wooden skewer. So we make out the stem for the flower.

Yarn Dandelion

Yarn dandelion is ready.

Yarn Dandelion

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