Yarn Flowers on a Fork Step by Step

Yarn Flowers

Yarn is available in almost every home. But in this tutorial, we will not knit, but we will show an easy way to make yarn flowers on a fork.

In the future, such a flower can become an ornament of any product.

To make such a flower, we will prepare:

  • yarn;
  • thick needle;
  • fork;
  • scissors;
  • rhinestones on an adhesive basis.

Yarn Flowers on a Fork Step by Step

First we fix the thread on the fork, tying 2 knots.

Then we will form loops, which will later become flower petals. On the left side, we begin to make the first loop.

Then we tighten it.

So we continue to form loops on the fork.

We fill almost the entire fork with such loops.

We cut the thread, leaving the tip about 20-30 cm long.

We insert this tip into a needle with a wide eye.

Next, we must fasten all the loops on the fork on the opposite side. We pass the needle from this side.

Then we tighten the thread and fasten with a few stitches. Cut off the thread with scissors.

Carefully remove the yarn blank from the fork.

Yarn Flowers

We begin to straighten it from the side where the loops were formed. This is how the petals of our flower gradually become visible.

Yarn Flowers

We completely straighten it, and carefully tighten the edges, passing the initial tip of the thread into one of the neighboring petals. After that, we fix it on the back of the flower.

Yarn Flowers

Decorate with decorative rhinestones. In our case, it has an adhesive base, so just remove the protective layer and glue it.

Yarn Flowers

By the same principle, you can quickly make flowers from threads of any color.

Yarn Flowers

This is how simple yarn flowers on a fork turned out.

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