Craft for kids

Crafts are not only an opportunity to show your creative potential, but also a wonderful joint leisure time for children and parents. Our site presents children’s products for every taste: homemade animals, birds, objects and flowers. All you need is patience and a good mood – and any idea will definitely work out. Each of the above works can be done using different types of paper and other materials, different colors for a completely new effect.


Quilling ChickenHere are a variety of works on paper made using the quilling technique, where with the help of thin paper strips of different colors and some tools you can make different compositions, ranging from a simple flower or animal to colorful volumetric applications. All work is done in stages and is accompanied by detailed photo illustrations that will help you understand the work process and provide an accessible easy idea. These are floral motifs, animals, objects, postcards, decorations, which can become not only an option for creative leisure, but also an original gift for loved ones.

Origami for kids

Origami Tulips CollageThe origami section is intended only for children and beginners who are first introduced to the wonderful world of origami, as it contains simple models for compiling and detailed descriptions with photos. This technique, like any other field of knowledge, gives full scope to the imagination. After all, in the process of folding, you can include elements of fairy tales, invent stories, play. You can already start with three-year-olds, but the most optimal age for the full development of origami is 5-6 years. The released figurine will bring joy to the child, and this is exactly the factor that will contribute to the desire to study further, and subsequently play with their characters.

Help your kids enter the wonderful world of origami. Products for children in this technique, like any other creative work, contribute to their perseverance, imagination, attentiveness and good mood, develop skills and abilities.

Creative inspiration and success to you!