Paper Snowdrops Craft — 2 Easy Ideas for Kids

Paper Snowdrops

An excellent option for creative work with children at the beginning of spring is paper snowdrops. I offer you two easy ideas that are interesting and useful for developing children’s fine motor skills.

Materials for work:

  • White paper for snowdrops;
  • Green paper for stem and leaves;
  • Cardboard of any color on which the craft will be placed;
  • A simple pencil, a compass, scissors, a glue stick.

Snowdrops Made of Accordion Paper

For the flower you will need a square piece of white paper, as well as a strip of green paper, up to 3 cm wide and equal to the height of the white square.

Glue the green stripe in the center of the square. If desired, a stripe can be drawn.

Place the square so that the strip is vertical, and fold the paper from below into a small accordion. Make a forward fold, press the fold well, turn the paper over and make a forward fold again. And so on until the very end of the paper.

Fold the accordion in half and glue the inside of it. The accordion snowdrop flower is ready. Make several of these flowers.

Prepare a cardboard base of any color and shape. It can be square, rectangular and even round.

Fold the green paper several times, draw a long leaf on the top and cut out several leaves at once. Glue them to the base cardboard.

Cut out snowdrifts or just a white stripe from white paper and glue it to the bottom of the leaves. If desired, make stems as well.

Glue the flowers with an accordion to the leaves or stems and the craft is ready.

Paper Snowdrops

Paper Snowdrops — Option 2

Paper Snowdrops

Cut out 3 circles of increasing sizes from white paper. The difference between them is literally 5 mm, but it all depends on the initial size of the circle. You will also need a green circle, the size of which can correspond to the middle white circle.

Fold the white circles in half and cut the green circle in half.

Glue the white semicircles together in a specific order. First medium with large.

And on top of them is a small one.

Glue a green semicircle at the base.

Paper Snowdrops

Make a stem. Simply cut a thin strip of paper and fold it in half. The tip can be cut at an angle. Glue the stem onto the flower, and the second part of the green semicircle on top.

Decorate the work with snow, add snowdrifts below. All paper snowdrops are ready.

Paper Snowdrops

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