How to Make Snowdrops Craft

How to Make Snowdrops

A selection of ideas on how to make snowdrops from different materials. Interesting options for snowdrop collage, crafts, origami for children’s creativity.


The works most often use colored paper and cardboard. But there are also interesting options for craft with improvised materials, such as cotton pads, threads, pipe cleaner, cocktail straws, etc.

How to Make Snowdrops Craft

Snowdrops from Threads, Pipe Cleaner and Cotton Pads

Snowdrops from Threads

An original craft for children that uses a variety of materials. This is blue cardboard for the background of snowdrops, white threads for flowers, green pipe cleaner for stems, halves of cotton pads. Interested in this creative work? Follow the link to learn all the steps to create an craft.

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Snowdrops Craft for Kids

Snowdrops Craft

The craft is made of colored paper and a small amount of cotton wool. Prepare white paper, green for the leaves, blue for the background, and cotton wool to represent the snow. By the way, instead of the white paper from which the circle is cut, you can use a disposable plate. Cut out the blanks and make three-dimensional flowers, instructions for which are in the link below.

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Cotton Pads Snowdrops Craft

Cotton Pads Snowdrops

Another idea that uses cotton pads, but now, in addition to snow, the flowers of this plant are made from them. In addition, you will need cocktail tubes for the stems, and green colored paper for the leaves. Also, do not forget to take care of the cardboard from which the background of the craft will be made.

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Paper Snowdrops Craft — 2 Ways

Paper Snowdrops

We bring to your attention two craft of snowdrops in the 3rd version. The first is an interesting craft, with flowers in the shape of an accordion; in the second, the flowers are made from paper circles.

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Origami Snowdrop

Origami Snowdrop

Several ways to fold a flower, ranging from the simplest to a little difficult for children. The sheet can be folded using the origami technique or cut out of green paper.

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Now you know how to make snowdrops, mark the arrival of spring with your creative work.

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