Paper Plate Chick Craft

Paper Plate Chick Craft

On the eve of Easter, a good idea would be to make a paper plate chick craft. The work is very easy and does not require much time, materials or skill.

What will you need for this Easter craft?

  • Yellow and orange cardboard;
  • Some white and black paper for the eyes;
  • Disposable plate;
  • Scissors, glue, a simple pencil.

It is best if the disposable plate is made of paper. Then there will be no problems with its interaction with paper and ordinary stationery glue, for example, white or glue stick. If the plate is plastic, it will be difficult to glue it with the egg; you may need instant glue, a glue gun, or at least double-sided tape.

Paper Plate Chick Craft: Step by Step Instructions

From yellow cardboard you need to cut out a fairly large oval, shaped like an egg, its width should correspond to the width of a disposable plate.

Next, you should cut off half or a little more from the plate, make pointed peaks imitating a split shell and glue it to the bottom of the yellow oval.

Paper Plate Chick Craft

Now it’s time to turn the oval into a chicken, which needs a beak, eyes, wings and legs. All the parts are drawn and cut out, all that remains is to glue them to the chick and the cute chick in the egg is ready.

An excellent Easter craft made from scrap materials, easy and interesting.

Paper Plate Chick Craft

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