Easter Bunny Egg Holder (template)

Easter Bunny Egg Holder

This Easter bunny egg holder can be small enough to hold one egg or small candies, but also large enough to hold more items.

Select the desired paper size and color, print the template and start creating interesting Easter crafts.

To work you will need:

  • Double-sided colored cardboard;
  • Scissors, any office glue;
  • Googly eyes;
  • Markers.

Easter Bunny Egg Holder: Step-by-Step Instructions

Use the template and print it on paper of your desired size. You can print it on white cardboard and later paint it over with colored pencils or paints. Or print it on white, cut it out and use the finished part as a template, tracing it on colored paper.

Cut out a bunny from paper.

Bend near the rounded area so that the rabbit is in a sitting position. Make no mistake about the side, the ears are thinner than the hind legs.

Glue or draw eyes, a muzzle with a nose and a smile.

Easter Bunny Egg Holder

Now you need to make an egg stand from the finished product. To do this, lift the rabbit’s hind legs and secure them in this position with the front legs. Glue the front ones on top of each other, slightly catching both legs.

Easter Bunny Egg Holder

The egg stand in the shape of a bunny is ready. Depending on the size of the resulting stand, place an egg (or several), sweets there and decorate the holiday table.

Easter Bunny Egg Holder

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