Cotton Pads Snowdrops Craft

Cotton Pads Snowdrops

Various materials can be used in children’s creativity. For example, cotton pads snowdrops also include cocktail straws and colored paper.

To create such an craft you need to prepare:

  • green and blue paper;
  • cotton pads;
  • green cocktail straws;
  • white glue with scissors.

Cotton Pads Snowdrops Craft: Step-by-Step Instructions

We will make the snowdrop flowers themselves from cotton pads. Therefore, we will use scissors and cut out the first flower of the following shape.

We prepare a couple more colors from other cotton pads.

The stems on our craft will be green cocktail straws. We first bend them, and then glue them onto a sheet of blue paper using white glue.

Add white flowers made from cotton pads. We fix them with white glue.

Now let’s add a few leaves to our craft. We cut out narrow blanks from green paper.

The ends of these leaves can be carefully curled using scissors. We glue the first sheet onto the craft; we will use it to cover the junction of the stems.

Cotton Pads Snowdrops

Glue the remaining narrow leaves to our snowdrops.

Cotton Pads Snowdrops

Now we’ll make an imitation of fluffy snow on a craft. To do this, cut several cotton pads in half. Then we begin to glue these halves at the bottom of the base paper. For a more cohesive and sustainable look, it is best to use cardboard for the base.

Cotton pads snowdrops are ready. This is an excellent craft for children made from scrap materials.

Cotton Pads Snowdrops

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