Paper Bouquet of Daisies Craft

Paper Bouquet of Daisies

Bright paper bouquet of daisies craft for children. Tutorial on creating simple flowers, an interesting work as a gift for mother or grandmother.

These wildflowers attract with their simplicity and grace. Their narrow white petals frame a bright yellow center. Of course, we are talking about daisies. In this lesson we will make a whole bouquet of these flowers from paper.

To create our collage we will use:

  • colored paper;
  • glue and simple pencil;
  • ruler with scissors.

Paper Bouquet of Daisies Craft Step by Step

Let’s prepare several squares cut out of white paper. For one flower we need 2 such blanks. In our case, the square has a side of 7 cm.

We bend it in half.

Then fold the resulting rectangle in half again.

Finally, a small square needs to be bent diagonally. On the resulting blank, draw one petal with a simple pencil.

We straighten the paper. We have a flower with 8 petals.

We make the same blank from another white square, then connect them together, securing them in the center with glue. We do this with a slight displacement of the petals.

Add a small round center cut from yellow paper.

Paper Bouquet of Daisies

In the same way we make the number of daisies we need.

Paper Bouquet of Daisies

Now let’s take green paper. We cut 5 narrow strips from it, these will be the stems of our flowers. Glue them onto a sheet of dark blue paper, which will be the background of the craft.

Add white daisies.

Paper Bouquet of Daisies

All that remains is to make a small bow from a narrow strip of red paper. Our paper bouquet of daisies craft is ready.

Paper Bouquet of Daisies

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