Snowdrops Craft for Kids

Snowdrops Craft

The first flowers that tell us about the arrival of spring are snowdrops. It is paper snowdrops craft that will be the topic of today’s tutorial.

We will make them in the form of a three-dimensional round-shaped appliqué, a kind of panel that can be used to decorate a wall.

What you need:

  • white, green, blue paper;
  • compass with scissors;
  • glue stick;
  • white wool or cotton.

Paper Snowdrops Craft Step by Step

First, prepare the basis for the future application. It will be round, so first, using a compass, draw a circle on white paper and cut it out. The diameter of this white base is 19 cm. Then cut out a smaller circle from blue paper and glue it onto the white circle. The diameter of the blue blank is 14 cm.

Now let’s prepare the leaves for future snowdrops. To do this, cut out narrow stripes from green paper, which will be pointed on one side.

Glue these green leaves on a blue background. We fix the leaves with glue only at the bottom.

Now we will make blanks for the snowdrops themselves. For this we need white paper. Fold it in half, and then cut out the blanks of the next shape.

Snowdrops Craft

For one flower, we need 2 blanks, which we glue together, connecting the half of one part with the half of the second.

In total, 3 snowdrops will be needed for our application.

Snowdrops Craft

Glue these flowers on a round blank.

Snowdrops Craft

It remains to make an imitation of snow. To do this, we use white wool. Carefully tear off thin strands, and then glue them at the bottom of the craft. Snowdrops craft are ready.

Snowdrops Craft

Snowdrops Craft

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