Easter Basket Made of Paper Plate and Cardboard

Easter Basket Made of Paper Plate

We will make the basis for this craft presented in this master class from a paper plate. But if desired, it can be made from cardboard of the corresponding color. You will get an excellent Easter basket made of a paper plate and cardboard – a variant of crafts made from waste material for Easter.

To create such an Easter basket, we will prepare:

  • paper white plate;
  • brown gouache with a brush;
  • colored cardboard with a pattern;
  • scissors;
  • openwork paper napkins;
  • glue with a pencil.

Easter Basket From a Paper Plate Step by Step

First we need to paint the paper plate with brown gouache. We do this from the back, in which case the finished basket will look voluminous.

We are waiting for the paint to dry on a paper plate. After that, you can use scissors. With their help, cut out the inner half of the circle. Beforehand, you can outline with a simple pencil the lines along which you want to cut off the excess. As a result, we get such a brown basket.


Now let’s decorate it a little. To do this, use a white openwork napkin. We cut off a part from it and glue it in the middle of the basket (from its edge).

Easter Basket Made of Paper Plate

It remains to make Easter eggs. We will cut them out of multi-colored cardboard. In this craft, we use colored cardboard, one side of which is with a pattern. First, draw an oval with a simple pencil, and then cut it out. Then, according to this pattern, you can make all Easter eggs from multi-colored cardboard.

Next, you need glue. We apply it to the bottom of one egg, and then apply it to the edge of the basket from the wrong side.

Easter Basket Made of Paper Plate

After that, add the remaining eggs around the edges. Easter basket made of paper plate and cardboard is ready.

Easter Basket Made of Paper Plate

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