Bunny Crafts for Kids — 15+ Ideas Step by Step

Bunny Crafts for Kids

Easy do-it-yourself bunny crafts tutorial. Detailed schemes of work with photos, a variety of bunnies made of paper, pipe cleaner, natural and waste materials.

Since there are already a lot of all kinds of bunnies and rabbits in the form of crafts, collage and origami on the site, it’s time to highlight them in a separate top review with a brief description and links to full-fledged tutorial that are on the site tratatuha.com.

Bunny Crafts for Kids — TOP Ideas From Different Materials

Paper Roll Bunny

Bunny Craft

As the name implies, the animal consists entirely of strips of paper rolled into rolls. The technique is easy and useful for children.

Hare From Strips of Paper

Paper Strip Bunny

A wonderful craft, interesting creative activity, useful for the development of fine motor skills of children.

Easter Card with a Bunny

Easter Bunny Card Template

The postcard is interesting, includes coloring and application. The head with ears is voluminous.

Postcard “Bunny with a Carrot”

Easter Bunny With a Carrot Card

The original idea of ​​creative work for children on the eve of Easter.

Bunny from Paper Circles

Paper Bunny

Volumetric bunny of white and blue paper circles. Step by step review for kids with photo. A simple paper hare for children’s creativity.

Clay Bunny Crafts

Clay Bunny

Simple modeling of a bunny from circles, cones and ovals. A step-by-step review with detailed photos that will help you blind a hare without much difficulty.

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

Pipe Cleaner Bunny

Pipe cleaner bunny is a fun craft toy. School-age children can make it, as the work can be difficult for young children.

Origami Bunny

origami bunny

A very simple origami bunny, although it consists of two parts – a head and a body. All actions are clear, easy, accessible to children.

Origami Rabbit for Kids

Origami Rabbit for Kids

Simple origami rabbit for kids. In fact, this is the head of a rabbit, which even kids can fold.

Easy Origami Rabbit

Easy Origami Rabbit

Easy origami rabbit for kids and beginners. Consists of very light two parts – head and body, which are created separately.

Accordion Paper Bunny

accordion paper bunny

An accordion paper hare is incredibly funny and cute. And most importantly – it’s easy to make it. In a short period of time, you can make a lot of bunnies, of various sizes and colors.

Paper Rosette Bunny

Paper Rosette Bunny

The previous hare had an accordion-shaped body. This time it is all in the form of a round rosette. This is a great creative activity for kids, room decoration for themed events, Easter.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

A simple hare from a bushing step by step. Easy craft made from waste material for children’s creativity. Will replenish the selection of ideas – animals from the roll.

Bunny from Apples and Leaves

Bunny Apples Craft

Craft made from natural materials, simple and cute. It is easy to make with a couple of apples, any two leaves and paper.

Handprint Bunny

Handprint Bunny Craft

Amusing bunny holding a carrot in bent paws.

Easy Bunny Cards

Easy Bunny Cards

Two options for applications that preschool children can handle. Postcards can be made on the eve of Easter.

Easter Decoration in the Form of a Bunny

Easter Decoration Ideas

An excellent decoration for Easter in the form of an accordion paper bunny, which are attached to a barbecue stick. The stick can be stuck in a pot of flowers, decorate Easter cake, a basket with Easter gifts.

How to Make a Cardboard Bunny

Cardboard Crafts for Kids

Cardboard craft according to the presented template.

Bunny from an Egg

Easter Eggs Animals

A bunny on a cardboard stand, where the egg is the body of the animal, plus paper details in the form of ears and a muzzle.

Bunnies are cute, cute and funny, so lovers of these animals often reproduce them in their crafts. This article is for those who want to learn how to make a bunny with their own hands, using not only paper, but also other available materials.

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