Toilet Paper Roll Chicken

Toilet Paper Roll Chicken

Toilet Paper Roll chicken is a great Easter crafts for children. It does not take much time to make it and it does not require much effort and skill. Making it is very easy, and a bright, yellow, funny character will certainly become a source of positive emotions.

You will need such materials as:

  • Paper tube. The toilet paper roll, or a little more than half a paper towel roll;
  • The yellow paper (as an option, yellow paint);
  • Little piece of orange paper or cardboard;
  • The ready-made moving eyes or some white paper;
  • The black felt pen, glue stick, scissors, graphite pencil, ruler.

Toilet Paper Roll Chicken Step by Step

Wrap the roll in paper and make a mark of its width and height with the pencil. Cut the yellow rectangle.

Toilet Paper Roll Chicken

Glue the piece to the roll. At will, the children can paint the paper roll with yellow gouache.

Toilet Paper Roll Chicken

Fold the yellow paper in half, draw wings of any shape and cut in two identical copies at once.

Cut out the chicken legs and beak from the orange cardboard or paper. It can also be cut by folding the paper in half, and then from the side of the fold, make cuts to form a triangle. You will get a funny little open beak.

Toilet Paper Roll Chicken

If there are no ready googly eyes, cut out small circles from paper, and draw pupils in the middle of them with black felt-tip.

Glue the eyes, beak at the top of the roll, glue the wings on the sides, and the paws in the bottom. That’s it, the excellent hand-made craft for Easter, the toilet paper roll chicken, is ready.

Toilet Paper Roll Chicken

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