Snowdrops from Threads, Pipe Cleaner and Cotton Pads

Snowdrops from Threads

We will demonstrate an easy way to create the first spring flowers in this tutorial. And we will make snowdrops from threads, pipe cleaner and cotton pads.

To make such a craft, we will prepare:

  • a sheet of blue cardboard;
  • white yarn for knitting;
  • scissors;
  • green pipe cleaner;
  • cotton pads;
  • white glue.

Snowdrops from Threads Step by Step

We will make snowdrop flowers ourselves from threads. To do this, we wind the white yarn on the fingers of the left hand, and then remove the workpiece.

Inside it we insert a green pipe cleaner. After that, we twist the ends of the wire to secure the workpiece from the threads. In this case, one part of the wire should be shorter and be about 5 cm in length.

We must bend it in half and slightly bend. This part of the stem will be located above the flower.

Snowdrops from Threads

Now we need a small piece of white thread. With its help, we bandage the flower in the upper part. After that, use scissors and cut all the threads from the bottom. Align them if necessary.

Snowdrops from Threads

To complete the creation of the snowdrop, we bend the green pipe cleaner, and form a leaf from its other end. We got such a snowdrop.

Snowdrops from Threads

Similarly, we make a couple more of these spring flowers. We fix them on a sheet of blue cardboard. To do this, we use white glue, with its help we fix the stems in the lower part.

Snowdrops from Threads

It remains to use cotton pads. Pre-cut them in half, and then glue them at the bottom of the craft. Our snowdrops from threads, pipe cleaner and cotton pads are ready.

Snowdrops from Threads

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