Origami Tulips Collage

Origami Tulips Collage

Simple origami tulips collage for kids. An easy way to make a paper tulip and display it as a voluminous craft.

Materials for work:

  • Colored paper for tulips (red, orange, blue, green);
  • Light yellow cardboard for the base on which the craft will be located;
  • Scissors, glue.

Origami Tulips Collage Step by Step

In this work, our tulips are voluminous, made using the origami technique. Let’s fold the first red flower.

For it you need paper in the form of a square.

Fold it corner to corner to form a triangle.

Now, from left to right, fold the paper again, you get a smaller triangle. With this action, we outlined the middle of the first triangle.

Therefore, return the corner back, revealing the paper. And then, guided by a certain middle at the bottom, bend the right and left corners up and slightly to the sides.

The tulip is already ready, but you can still improve it. To do this, bend the side small corners down.

Origami Tulips Collage

Make three of these flowers using paper of different colors.

Origami Tulips Collage

Now cut out of green paper:

  • Semicircular mound;
  • Three stems for each flower;
  • 3-4 leaves.

On a yellow cardboard base, which can be not only rectangular, but also any other, stick a green hill from below, add stems.

Glue the flowers on top, and the leaves to the stems.

Origami Tulips Collage

That’s it, the origami tulips collage is ready.

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