Paper Circles Birds Collages Craft

Paper Circles Birds

Volumetric paper circles birds with detailed instructions. Bright birds from multi-colored paper circles.

What you need for the collages:

  • Blue cardboard for the base;
  • Colored paper (yellow, red, orange);
  • Some white paper for clouds and eyes;
  • Compasses, scissors, hole punch, glue.

Paper Circles Birds Step by Step

The main part of the work is voluminous funny birds. For one bird, you will need 4 circles for the body, two smaller circles for the tail and a very small circle for the crest.

All circles should be folded in half.

The body consists of 4 circles. To make it, you need to apply a thin strip of glue to the fold in the middle.

Glue the second circle on top and apply a strip of glue again. Thus, you need to glue all 4 circles. In this work, the bird is bicolor, so yellow and orange circles should be alternated.

Paper Circles Birds

Now spread the layers so that they are set evenly.

Paper Circles Birds

Make another bird using two different colors like orange and red.

Well, then everything is simple. Prepare a cardboard for the base, give it a shape, taking into account the size of the birds, cut off a suitable length. Glue the voluminous torsos to the base. Add folded circles to them – ponytails, glue a crest on top. Don’t forget the eyes and beaks. The application also includes two volumetric clouds. They consist of two parts glued together in the middle. Practically, since the birds, only from two paper blanks. But you can also simplify the task and simply cut out a flat cloud from white paper, and then add it to the feathered composition.

Paper Circles Birds
Everything, the paper circles birds collages craft is ready.

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